The car rental industry has been experiencing massive shifts that have affected the traditional business model in the past two years. One of the first impacts on the sector was the launch of Uber, which muscled its way into an industry previously dominated by taxis. Cycling rental schemes have also had an impact on the mobility sector. One of the latest entrants into the mobility sector is carsharing, which is still a relatively new concept. Here is a look at some of the benefits of Renting From a Carsharing Platform over traditional car rentals. 

What is Carsharing? 

Carsharing works like a short-term car rental service. Customers join a car-sharing platform and pay for the use of a car on a single journey. They only pay for the time they spend in the car, and they have the opportunity to pick from different vehicles. 

Carsharing platforms manage several car parks across the country. As a member, you can enter any of their car parks, pick a car, log in your details, and start your journey. Today, there are over 2 million car shares globally, with most of them located in the US. It is also a concept that is growing in popularity in the UK, where it is called car clubs, and the rest of Europe. 

Other carsharing platforms allow you to rent vehicles directly from the vehicle owners. In this instance, most likely vehicle maintenance is up to date, vehicles are cleaner, and you have more control over choosing what you would like to drive. In addition, rates are competitive or lower than traditional car rental companies, there are less requirements for renters, and the option to have the vehicle delivered.  

Advantages of Carsharing Over Traditional Car Rentals 

Some of the benefits of carsharing are: 

Fast Booking Speeds 

Carsharing can be done in just a few minutes from an app on your phone, as long as you are already registered with one of the carsharing platforms out there. In just a few minutes, you can take off with a car to your destination. This is unlike car rentals where you have to go through an elaborate process, which can take a few hours to complete. 

It Costs Less 

One major advantage of carsharing over car rentals is that it can cost much less. It is especially so when driving over long distances. Most car-rental services have a mileage limit. While this limit is usually high, if you exceed it, the fees can quickly pile up. With carsharing, in some instances, you can go as far as you want to go at a flat rate. 

Drive Different Types of Cars 

If you have always wanted to drive some of the latest cars out there without spending money to buy them, carsharing is a great way to do it. With carsharing, you have your pick when it comes to what type of car you want to drive. It also gives you the flexibility to do a lot more. For instance, you can pick up a large van if you need to haul a large couch around, and later on, exchange it for a small car that consumes less fuel, when you need to take a one-person trip. 


Renting From a Carsharing Platform is a new and exciting concept that has been made possible by modern technology. When compared to a traditional car rental service, carsharing has some huge advantages. While it is not going to replace the car rental industry, it will undoubtedly take a huge chunk of the car rental industry’s market share.